Zadar is the biggest city in Northern Dalmatia with 300 years old history and over 76,000 inhabitants. Most famous for its Old Town, set in a peninsula that is completely pedestrianized, the town has numerous Roman and other wonderful sights so is a delight to visit. The town of Zadar became very popular in the last few years because of two of the world's unique sights of the modern art. One is Sea organ in the form of few rows of stairs that go down to the sea. Below, there are 35 pipes with whistles that play 7 accords of 5 tones. High tide and low tide during the day create unique music and unique experience that attracts lots of people and the other is installation “greeting to the Sun”. 300 glass panels form that installation that creates beautiful lights effects in the rhythm of the waves and sounds of Sea organ when the Sun goes down.

Zadar has had a fascinating history, with rule by the Romans, Venetians and others over the years.

An internationally flavored season of festivals by the sea is attracting a younger crowd, and Zadar's historic center is less than 30 minutes' drive from the airport – handy, when there is so much to do and see.

And this is just a small part of what you must see when you visit Zadar, that modest town in which people worked very hard to spread its name far away from the borders of Croatia.

Zadar Airport (codes LDZD ZAD) is international airport that can accept any type of aircraft and is commonly used for general aviation mostly in summer time when travelers come for summer holidays in beautiful Croatia. 

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