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Eurocopter /Airbus SA 365 C2

The Eurocopter / Airbus SA 365/AS365 Dauphin 2 is multi-pupose, twin-engine helicopter that can reach airspeed of 170 knots in level flight and that has set multiple speed records, among them the Paris-London trip at an average of 322 km/h.

Twin-engine is preffered choice in aircharter as this helicopter is bigger, faster and often more required for safety reasons.

It's capable of performing a wide range of missions, including VIP passenger transportation, aerial work, training, observation, firefighting, medical transportation etc. It has very spacious and comfortable cabin accommodating (one or two pilot plus up to 8 passengers). Wide cabin and panoramic view ensures good visibility for passengers and crew.

Aircraft charter - Eurocopter / Airbus SA 365/AS365 Dauphin 2

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