Why & about

Why & about


Very similar to a travel agent, an aircharter broker will try to match your travel needs with best available private jet operator at the best price. It doesn’t matter if it's a business trip for your senior staff or the need to fly a large group to an event, air charter broker have access to the fleets of multiple air charter operators. Many brokers also extend their services to ground and in-flight amenities. 
Do you need Wi-Fi? Would you like a five-course meal onboard or will a light snack do? Or do you need ground transportation and a hotel room? Brokers can take care of all the details.


You can fly in or leave whenever you like – without having to depend on the airlines’ schedules or without the long hours on the road. You can go where you need to, get your business done and come back when you want. This means saving money on food, lodging and car rental. It could also mean spending more valuable time with your client or your family.
With a chartered aircraft, you can often land whenever and wherever you want – usually much closer to your destination. You can avoid the large, crowded airline hubs. You can even have a car waiting for you when you land.


Aircharter-Croatia gives you pricing and availability from hundreds of the leading private jet operators and can offer route combinations between 40,000 airports to give you the best comparisons and choice. We can guarantee few quotes within very short period of time and bring best of industry by providing you with best choise. 
We do our best to make our quotes the most detailed in the market - compare and make your choice based on real floor plans and images of the actual aircrafts before booking.


You can book your own flight directly with an aircharter operator, the company responsible for providing the aircraft and crew - but booking trough brokers will save time, offer best options and services that can save you time and money.

Brokers have:

  • Access to a larger fleet of aircraft, allowing you to fly in the most efficient manner and one that best meets your schedule.
  • Relationships with multiple carriers in multiple locations (national and international) to provide seamless service wherever you are going.
  • Knowledge of the air travel industry and access to information that will quickly identify options when weather or last-minute schedule changes require a different airport or aircraft.
  • Access to safety information on pilots and aircraft.
  • Knowledge of FAA operational regulations and restrictions, such as flight duty and rest requirements, which adds a layer of oversight so you have assurance that the charter operator is following protocols.
  • Knowledge about necessary paperwork. Brokers will review the charter operator’s operating certificate, safety record and take care of your insurance needs.

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